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CONFINED SPACE RESCUE Ponder Environmental Hazardous Waste Clean Up, Vaccum Trucks, Confined Space Rescue
Ponder Environmental Hazardous Waste Clean Up, Vaccum Trucks, Confined Space Rescue

Ponder Environmental Services offers customers a wide variety of services to assist them in dealing with all aspects of confined spaces, high angle projects, trenching operations, and other unusual projects that may arise.

confined space rescue

  • Site Evaluation / Consulting
  • On-Site Stand-By Technical Rescue Teams
  • Mobile Breathing Air Systems
  • On and Off Site Training Programs

Ponder Environmental Services offers our customer’s guidance in complying with local, state, and federal regulations regarding confined spaces. Our safety professionals are available for integration into a customer’s facility and assist in the classification of spaces and assist in developing written programs, onsite training, and rescue procedures.

Our operational teams execute each task while adhering to the strict guidelines as outlined by the regulatory agencies. Our pro-active stance on health and safety is demonstrated whether Ponder Environmental Services acts as a stand-by rescue team, safety officer, mobile air systems operator, or consultant.

Rope/High Angle Rescue

Ponder Environmental Services also provides Rope/High Angle Rescue services to our clients. High Angle Rescue work conditions exist when performed on terrain or surfaces with a slope equal to or greater than 60 degrees. Adequate rope systems must be constructed to prevent working employees from falling, while providing trained rescuers with the leverage necessary to gain access to and egress from the rescue location. Examples of high angle locations include: pipe racks, ledges, cat-walks, tops of vessels, silos, storage tanks, and water tower.

High angles are also found below grade level in ship holds, barges, tunnels, sewer and piping systems, and vaults. Good, competent technical rescue skills involving ropes, anchoring and belaying systems, lowering and hauling systems and stretcher work are mandatory for the safe performance of the rescue team.

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